Authoritative, Independent Reviews for SaaS Applications

CoolBizApps reviews and endorses SaaS applications, enabling entrepreneurs run their businesses more efficiently. CoolBizApps is based on the philosophy that your time is your most valuable asset; automating business tasks saves you money. is organized by categories (i.e., Finance) and business functions (i.e., accounting). Each topic area uses criteria to evaluate, review, and recommend best-of-kind on-demand applications.

For each application, you will also find User Ratings, and, as a visitor to the site, you can add your own ratings as well.

Our Review Process

Through hands-on use of the products, we identify strengths and weakness from the business perspective and the user’s perspective. Of particular importance is whether the product saves time, and therefore, money.

We measure each product against 5 major categories, with 4-8 specific sub-points. We offer a written review as well as a numeric/graphical view. Only products rated at the highest-level get the CBA Certified designation.


1. Feature Set: We are looking for a comprehensive feature set. Within a product area, we will select 5 to 10 must-have features and evaluate the products against this list. The list differs from product to product. The feature set category also takes into account configurability- how can you tailor the product to your needs

2. Cost Effectiveness: In this category, we compare the pricing points. Many products are priced on a per-user or per-transaction basis, or have various levels of subscriptions. We break these down to equalize the pricing comparison. A part of the cost also includes the complexity of the initial set-up, or conversion costs. Overall, we are looking at the ROI for using a selected product.

3. Ease of Use: While this can be subjective, the criteria include learning curve, support systems, set-up and general UI considerations. This category also includes easy integration with other systems.

4. Competitive Advantages: There are often a variety of ways to solve a business problem, other than using SaaS. This category includes other SaaS products, as well as downloadable software, and manual methods. We evaluate the product in this light.

5. Vendor Credentials: If you are selecting a product, you must know that the provider is in business to stay, wants you to succeed and has a proven record of customer satisfaction. We research the web to find out what others have said about both the product and the company, to determine if over all there are satisfied users. Included in this category is the quality of support, the financial health of the vendor, and the track record of the management team. We like to buy products from vendors who are so compelling that we’d consider them a good investment opportunity.

CBA is Unique

Other websites exist that review software, along with other products. However, there is no other product comparison website whose sole focus is the use of SaaS (on-demand, shared) web applications. In addition, we are also the only website that focuses strictly on emerging and growing technology businesses. From our own experience, we know what the business needs are and are able to recommend solutions that save time and money. Before putting a recommendation on our website, our analysis includes our own use of the products as well as competitive analysis of other similar products.

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