Product Name: JotForm

Company: Interlogy LLC

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Posted 08/26/10    
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Description: A lovely SAAS Formbuilder, you build forms for any type of use you can imagine, from business surveys to wedding invitation rsvps. Easy to use, it also includes ability to accept payments. Responses are sent directly to your email. Integration into your website is with a click of the mouse.

Review: Form Building couldn't be any easier. The home page demonstrates JotForm building a form and adding it to your website, in less than 2 minutes. Everything is completely tailorable, not complex at all. The basic system is free, and has generous limits in terms of responses, etc, with no limit on the number of forms. The next step up is only $9.95,basically for higher traffic use, and the professional version is $49.95. What we like is that the functionality doesn't change from one price to another, just the volume, so everyone gets full use of this neat product.

Overall Rating: 8

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