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Company: Veer West

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Posted 06/18/09    
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Description: A web-based application to allow you to create forms and collect responses. You can get email notifications, use RSS feeds, include charts and get statistics. You can export your form to Excel, Sales force and even integrate with PayPal to collect payments. Forms have a variety of question formats and styles.

Review: The home page states that "no download, no setup, no technical skills required" and it is actually true. Form Assembly is the perfect no-brainer solution for creating forms of any sort. We put this application in the Marketing category, as it's near competitor would be Survey Monkey or Zoomerang. However, it is far more powerful than either of those, because of the ability to integrate your form with your own website. It has a wonderful set of templates that allow you to copy and design your own with ease. The use of 'sections' makes the form very appealing, and you can even pre-fill data. Most of all, it is truly easy to use. You simply add questions and sections, and preview your work as you go along. If you have any need for forms on your own website, this is a great way to go. As for pricing, the starter package is free but limited. There is also a pay-as-you-go option that charges 5 cents per response, a basic option and the full $34/month pro option which is the only option that includes Salesforce and Paypal integration. The easiest way to begin is to check out the free version.

Overall Rating: 5

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